Groups are an important part of Amory First because it's connected to others that we grow in our faith and find support on life's journey. Christians from the beginning gathered together in large groups at synagogues and in small groups in homes to be in deeper fellowship with God and each other. God created us for relationship not only with him but with others too. You are encouraged to find your place in our community of faith by joining one of our Sunday school classes, Bible studies, or small groups. 

upcoming groups

Beginning August 16th

Several new adult groups will launch this semester at Amory First. To sign up for one of the groups below, click on the link below and complete the short sign up form. We will take care of the rest!

Fellowship and Fixins

Leave the cooking to us on Wednesday evenings. Prior to group meetings each week, we will provide a meal for families starting at 5:00 p.m. Come when you can. The kitchen will be serving from 5:00-6:00 p.m. in the Education Building. Meals will include entree with side items, dessert, and drinks. We know kids don't always enjoy the same food as the grown ups so a kid-friendly option is available most weeks. No reservations required and meal costs are by donation only. 

Click here for a complete listing of groups for kids and youth.

  • Food for the journey

    Leader: Mike Manning

    Ongoing | Wednesdays | 6:00 PM | Location: TBD

    Join our class of fellow travelers as we journey through the Bible in a year. Designed to walk step-by-step in time with our church wide daily Bible reading plan, this class provides timely lessons and discussion in concert with the passages you just read. If you are looking for a group to share the journey of reading Scripture together, and encourage you toward your goal, this is the class for you. 

  • creed-exploring the apostles' creed

    Leaders: Peggy White and Mary Baxter

    6 Weeks | Wednesdays | 6:00 PM | Location: TBD

    The Apostles’ Creed! Many of us have memorized it. All of us have repeated it in church, but why is this early statement of foundational Christian beliefs so important? Why does it matter? Come, be part of our class that explores powerful answers about reality, truth, and how the Apostles’ Creed gives meaning and purpose to life. 

  • cooking matters

    Leader: Mary Robbin Coggin

    Ongoing | Wednesdays | 6:00 PM | Location: TBD

    This class is for clients of CHANGE Amory, Glove Ministry and/or other assistance programs in Amory to teach how to budget and shop for healthy meals. Each class lasts two weeks with the first week in the classroom and the second at Wal-Mart for a $10 meal challenge. 

  • holy land tour video series

    Leaders: Bill Clements and Joe Brennan 

    5 weeks | Wednesdays | 6:00 PM | Location: TBD

    If you have ever wanted to be on a group Holy Land tour with lessons from the Bible taught in their historical context this is the class for you. Filmed on location in the Middle East, we’ll experience the people and events of the ancient world in their own geography and culture. Come, discover God’s mission for you, as a Christian in this world, in the land of the Bible. 

sunday school classes

Most Sunday School Classes meet 9:00 - 9:45 AM.

If you have any questions about the classes available, please contact the church office.

  • friendship

    bennie harrelson and dot poore

    Time: 9-9:45 AM

    Location: Room 102

    Class Size: 5-10

    Average Age: over 65

    Study Material: Adult Bible Series

  • finders

    joan wilkerson

    Time: 9-9:45 AM

    Location: Conference Room/Church Library

    Class Size: 5-10

    Average Age: over 65

    Study Material: Adult Bible Series

  • upper room

    linda reich

    Time: 9-9:45 AM

    Location: Room 101

    Class Size: 15+

    Average Age: late 50s and up

    Study Material: Adult Bible Series

    *began meeting in the mid-1960s

  • renewal

    john and sheila creekmore

    Time: 9-9:45 AM

    Location: The Baker Room

    Class Size: 10-15

    Average Age: late 40s and up

    Study Material: various

    *not meeting June-July 2014

  • Word of life

    Mike Manning

    Time: 9-9:45 AM

    Location: Room 301

    Class Size: 10-15

    Average Age: 35-50

  • Young Adults

    davis lovelace

    Time: 9-9:45 AM

    Location: Education Building Lounge Room 100A

    Class Size: 5-10

    Average Age: 21-35

    Study Material: various, DVD study (example: Andy Stanley)

    Click here to join or receive for more information about one of our Sunday school classes.

women's ministry

United Methodist Women (UMW)


If you know anything about United Methodist Women (UMW), you understand these ladies are committed to inspiring fellowship and serving people in need. The UMW meets on the first Monday of the month at 1:00 PM in the Educational Building Lounge. They believe lives can be changed one penny at a time. That's why at every meeting you will find woman walking into the church with sacks full of pennies. No, they aren't playing penny bingo; they are supporting mission projects all over the place. All women are invited to join them each month as they eat lots of tasty goodies, study the Bible, and work on their various mission projects. 

Bridal/Wedding Showers and Teas

"Celebrating the joys of life" is the motto for this group that provides wonderful social events to celebrate the momentous occasions of life. And they know how to throw a good party! Jesus' first miracle recorded in the Bible occurred while he was celebrating with a family at a wedding party. If it was pretty important to Jesus to be present during such life events...well...enough said. 

Women's Bible Study Group


These ladies meet the second Monday of each month at 6:30 PM in the Educational Building Lounge. There is no telling what they will end up talking about, but you can guarantee it will include Scripture and topics relevant to woman young and young at heart alike. Mary Robin Coggin usually facilitates discussions. 

men's ministry

Men's Club


The mighty men and young men of Amory First meet the first Sunday of every month at 8:00 AM in the Education Building Lounge for a hearty breakfast. The highlight of the month has to be hands down Mr. Romie's made-from-scratch gravy. Bobbie's biscuits aren't too bad either. We invite a guest speaker each month to share the spiritual food with us as well. It's all free, and it's all good! However, we may still pass the plate anyway to collect a few dollars for local missions.

Sportsman's Banquet

Fall and Spring

In the fall we fry fish and early spring we serve up the finest wild game that can be trapped, shot, or run over. Fry Daddy's fear us and Simmon's Catfish in Yazoo City, MS loves us! I can smell the smoke and the gurgling grease already. These banquets are community-wide events sponsored by Amory First that draw large crowds of people from Amory and beyond. Could be the food or it might be the special guest speakers. We've had Coach Hugh Freeze from Ole Miss, Coach Butch Thompson from Mississippi State, and Matt Wyatt from the Head-to-Head radio broadcast. Proceeds from these events raise funds for our local mission projects.

Local Mission Projects

Our men aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. Each year we work on local mission projects such as home renovations in Amory and the MS Delta, hand out school supplies at community events, and buy Christmas presents for needy families to name a few.

chuck knows church series

Chuck Knows Church is an online video series that helps interpret complex subjects in a fun, yet informative, way. Each series features “Chuck” who helps us learn more about our church while inviting us to have deeper conversation with our pastor.

The ORIGINAL SERIES is all about the objects, symbols and terms we often hear in church. Take a couple of minutes each week and have some fun while you learn from Chuck. Each week a different video is released on YouTube and announced on the Chuck Knows Church Facebook page. There are currently more than 90 episodes available on a variety of topics with more being produced. Each episode is approximately 2-5 minutes.

To watch more Chuck Knows Church videos, click here.