Amory First News

Check out the latest happenings around our ministry here at Amory First!

  • Memorial Garden

    The Communications Committee of Amory First is pleased to announce the establishment of the Amory First Memorial Garden. This garden will be an asset to our church grounds for many years to come. It can be enjoyed by Sunday School classes, used as a prayer garden, etc.

    Amory First has held a special place in the hearts of many people over the years, and many people who have passed on before us hold a special place in our hearts. As a way of honoring and remembering these faithful ones, we can now purchase a memorial stone with their name engraved on it to be placed in the garden.

    There are only 100 stones available for purchase on a first come first serve basis. Cost per stone is $150 (18” X 18” flagstone). Orders can also be placed at the church office. 

    For more information please contact Tracy Randle or Neita Brasfield.

    Donations are needed and greatly appreciated.

  • Children's Ministry

    What can OUR CHILDREN DO AS A MISSION PROJECT?    What are we going to do with this little piggy bank?  

    For our fall Children’s Ministry Mission, we are collecting coins to “Feed Hungry Children” and here is how we are going to succeed.  

     Our Goal will be a modest $24.  $24 will feed 648 meals!!!  If we collect $24 maybe we can collect $48.  We can keep this simple, but keep our goal in focus.  For feeding hungry children.  This is for children in Haiti who usually only eat one meal per day.  The children are collecting individually as well we invite the congregation to bring in coins to the Church office for and deposit in the Children's Mission Piggy Bank in the office.  We will collect for about 6-8 weeks.   

    God Bless one and all.